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Dark chocolate - Stirred into this exceptional chocolate, coming naturally with notes of raisin and cinnamon, there is browned butter, carefully made of award-winning butter from High Lawn Farm. It adds sweet-toasty notes, a hint of nut and caramel. Extraordinary creamy!

Cocoa from Zorzal, Dominican Republic.

Please note: even thought the term Dark Chocolate is applicable here, this is not a vegan and/or dairy free product!

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    We use different DHL services for shipping our chocolates to you. These come with different conditions.

    Within Germany you have the option to choose the service Warenpost. This option means free shipping if you are above 25€ product value, in case the following details apply: your package is a) not heavier than 1 kg and b) the package's height does not exceed 5 cm. By this rule some of our products are automatically excluded from the option of shipping via Warenpost and thus likewise from free shipping above 25€ product value.

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    Why do Goodnow Farms press their own cocoa butter?

    Cocoa butter is a natural vegetable fat contained in the cocoa bean. As all fats it is a carrier of flavours. Cocoa, with its more than 400 different aromatic compounds, can thus be understood as blessing and curse all the same, depending very much on your angle of view. Adding extra cocoa butter to chocolate is a popular method, to give it a more pleasant mouthfeel and improve its melting capacities. Usually therefore deodorized cocoa butter is used (lat. odorare: give scent to smthg; de: take smthg from smthg). This is cocoa butter, which was ridded of its aromatic properties in order not to change the basic chocolate flavour. Critics might state, that it still changes the flavour, by simply diluting it. This is why Goodnow Farms opted for the opposite way: why not make cocoa butter's blessing of flavour their ally, using it both to create smooth, creamy chocolates AND at the same time naturally enhance the flavour? Consequently they press their own single origin cocoa butter of every single origin cocoa in their range. Combining these two results in extraordinarily smooth and flavourful chocolates, which are true to the bean.


Single Origin Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter, Brown BUTTER (MILK)

Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energy 2205 kJ / 527 kcal
Fat 30,9 g
   Saturates 14,5 g
Carbohydrate 52,7 g
   Sugars 21,8 g
Protein 9,1 g
Salt 0 g