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Origin of beans: KOKOA KAMILI social operation and fermentation factory
Country: Tanzania,
Region: Mbingu, Kilombero district
Taste profile: forest fruits, raspberries, redcurrant, with a rich brownie aftertaste

KOKOA KAMILI help more than 1500 farmers from the Kilombero region buy fresh cacao beans with the flesh, the baba, still intact. In KAMILI they are careful to maintain proper fermentation and drying methods. At the same time, they guarantee the farmers get 20-30 percent more money for fresh cocoa than what the dried and fermented cocoa purchase-limits are in Tanzania.

Most farmers live within 15 kilometers of the factory, so the beans are moved to fermentation boxes very soon after they’ve been harvested. In such a way, the highest-quality fermentation is guaranteed.

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Dark Chocolate
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Lactose Free
Cocoa origin
Country of origin
Czech Republic
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