Étienne Guittard (1838-1899) emigrated from Tournus, France and with him he brought French chocolate to San Francisco. Originally drawn over the ocean by the gold rush on America's West Coast, he came to notice, that his chocolate was as highly a desired good among the miners who had come to some wealth. In consequence he returned to France, refined his chocolate crafting skills and returned to open a shop for chocolate, coffee, tea and spices.

The E. GUITTARD-Collection now features blends and single bean varietal chocolates, including the Quevedo, a varietal couverture chocolate from Ecuador, the Chucuri from north-west Colombia, the Sur del Lago couverture chocolate from western Venezuela, and the Ambanja from Madagascar. Their couvertures are highly recommended and suitable for baking, making deserts and ice cream. They are free from nuts, soya and gluten. The company is also a World Cocoa Foundation and International Cocoa Initiative Member.


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