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Jukka Peltola left a creative career in technology and entertainment, he worked with ‘Rovio’ a company responsible for the game ‘Angry Birds’ ... and came to food through a personal journey for better health and says: Cacao is high in antioxidants and classified as a superfood. Cacao is a food of God !

Since 2015 GOODIO chocolate is handmade in Helsinki, is a food-pioneer with a good heart, a food-brand from Finland you can trust. It s a vision to bring nordic-inspired flavors such as local wild blueberry and sea buckthorn, mint and cranberries to a chocolate brand for the global consumer.

All the chocolate-bars are made with raw cacao from Peru, Ecuador, and the Congo which then are stone ground for three days in Helsinki. To sweeten the bars, they use Indonesian and Sri Lankan coconut palm sugar which has a low Glycemic Index. GOODIO is a brand for health-conscious, allergy-prone people.

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